Peering Into The Thoughts Of A Young Financial Planner

I recall a time almost three years ago when I went for my first official job interview, I say official because my first job was as a glorified promoter which was advertised on a reputable job placement website as a “Sales Executive”. The night before my first official interview I was a nervous wreck, I shared my thoughts with a close friend of mine and she insisted I would do just fine.
Fast forward to the interview, ill-preparation coupled with a mild speech impediment would almost prove to be downfall, however if it wasn’t for my lie through gritted teeth that I want to be revered as a financial services industry pioneer – a line I had rehearsed to perfection the morning prior to the interview in front of the mirror, I probably not would have landed my first job as a financial planner.

Looking back to that moment and how far I have come since, it’s hard to imagine that I’ve carved my still-infant career from a simple lie…a lie that has gone on to become my sole career creed and bond. I must say that being thrust into financial planning swiftly after the completion of my studies was a daunting experience at first but having wetted my feet and still managed to hop out of the pool to trod on razor sharp grass blades and still retain the lust of being a talisman in this industry, I’ve come to the realisation that this is where I want to be, without a doubt.

To be continued…

By RJ Chauke

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