About Us

Established in 2001, Ngobese and Associate Financial Services Consultancy (Ngobese and Associates), is an independent, accredited Financial Services Provider (FSP 16787), and a progressive financial brokerage that provides advisory and intermediary services across all aspects of financial services, including financial structuring, focused advise, pre and post retirement planning, life and disability planning, estate planning, employee benefits and financial opinion.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our clients’ best interest and offer service value beyond the obvious. As a wholly black-owned firm committed to breaking new ground in financial advisory and intermediary services, we credit our success to our impartial advisory and attention to detail to the need of the client.
Our proven track record spans over 16 years of combined financial, investment and estate planning experience in the corporate, private and government sectors. Through specialist insight and personalized service, we focus on tailor made financial solutions that broaden business and private horizons.

We have broking agreements with major product providers on a range of products.